Welcome! You're listening to Cry for the Moon FM. My name is Conner Mayfield, and this the story behind the Battle Song: the World's Saddest Song.

It took three years to produce this song. Each time the cry for the moon producers, musicians, singers and sound engineers tried to work on it in the studio, they were so deeply moved and thoroughly saddened that they found it impossible to complete it. On the morning of December 17th, the studio's 31 year-old secretary was found dead in her vacation hotel room. The demo version of the Battle Song was running in the "repeat" mode on her iPod. Whether or not this melancholy song caused her to take her life will never be known. That was in 2007.

After this tragedy, the cry for the moon producer and everybody else involved decided not to release the song; the Battle Song was to be buried forever in the studio's archives because its effects could not be predicted.

March 2008. As chance would have it, an assistant sound engineer discovered the first verses of the Battle Song's demo version on the studio's hard disc. He heard it, he began to cry and he had to leave the studio. His colleagues tried desperately to reach him. They contacted his family, but no one knew exactly where the 34 year-old-man had disappeared to. Finally, four days later, he arrived at the studio, aglow with happiness. He said the song had made him so thoughtful that he even called his ex-girlfriend and told her that he loved her, and that their separation was entirely his fault. What exactly had happened? Why did this song affect people's emotions in such radically different ways? The team of producers tried to find the reason. And finally, they did. The assistant sound engineer had only listened to the first part of the demo version on the hard disc; the song could also have its positive effects if one didn't listen to it in its entirety.

Now, the cry for the moon producers decided to complete the Battle Song, but with a new refrain and a new ending; one that would motivate and encourage humanity to struggle against life's hardships instead of simply giving up.

The work on the song continued for another 13 months, but no one could agree on the solo part at the end. It wasn't supposed to become too gloomy. After 13 months and the live recording of over 32 different instruments, the solution had been found: the solo was played by 23 bagpipers and a solo whistler.

And now, the Battle Song is to be released - on August 9th, 2009. We hope it will encourage people to reflect, give them strength and bring about positive change.  On the website, the producers have installed a portal, in which people can write about their own experiences after hearing the Battle Song.

But if too many personal tragedies are published in the portal, the cry for the moon producers have vowed to take the song off the market and banish it once and forever into the studio's archives.

The Battle Song is not only a sad song. It's the world's saddest song.
A sad at heart song about waterworks like Niagara falls, a poisoned pill, no more living will, a summer rain and never ending grain, a cry for the moon but the love closed at noon.

Now you will hear the first Minute of the Battle Song.

That was only the beginning of the world's saddest song. But no matter what happens everybody should have his own Battle Song.
So wherever you are turn on your light, a bend in your right and have fun tonight in a pillow fight.  If you are ready for change, you can listen to the full story of the Battle Song on Apple iTunes or at all the great online record shops in the world.
But be sure that you're not under age. Because this song brings tears to the eyes of the toughest men.

This was Conner Mayfield on And don't forget: "Today is your day. Go out there and snatch it!"

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